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Pilates will benefit athletes of all levels. Many Pro-Athletes and College Athletes rely on Pilates to cross-train ...
for strength, flexibility and injury prevention. Tracking muscles in alignment creates neuromuscular awareness and aids in controlled precise movement when in competition. Whether its team sports, tennis, golf, dance or horseback riding, Pilates is playing an important role by reducing the frequency and severity of injuries. Olympian Swimmers, Pro-Golf, Tennis , Basketball and Football Players use Pilates.More About Us

Therapy & Rehab

Pilates uses specialized equipment to assist and facilitate proper movement while aiding in safe recovery ...
Customizing a program with the Pilates method will accelerate a person’s return to better health and fitness while minimizing harmful wear and tear on the joints and ligaments. After surgery and rehab of any joint, Pilates will continue to improve range of motion, strength, endurance and overall healing. Controlled, precise movements will help to minimize pain, increase balance and improve self awareness and confidence.
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Pilates can help women stay connected to their changing bodies, improve posture and reduce aches ...
Pilates during pregnancy is a perfect low impact workout (providing your doctor gives you permission), that creates a toned pelvic floor, posture and balance. During pregnancy, the body releases a hormone called relaxin. This hormone loosens the ligaments, which means more flexibility. Therefore, strengthening muscles around the joints in a controlled, precise manner is quite beneficial and can result in less or no back, neck and joint pain.
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Pilates promotes Strength, Flexibility, Coordination, Weight loss & Toning

Many of the Pilates exercises are performed on your back, emphasizing body symmetry and core abdominal control.


Pilates will improve your Posture, Balance, Focus, Energy

Never be bored with over 500 exercises to progress from. Improve your Golf or Tennis Game. Add new grace and vitality to the way you move.

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