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 Pilates - A more effective way to exerciese! 
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 Hours of Operation:

Mon - Thurs
8:30am - 7:00pm

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Class Descriptions

Mat Classes - Up to 12 People will be led through East Coast Pilates Mat exercises. Emphasis is on Strengthening the core abdominals. Stretching and breathwork is incorporated into the routines. New exercises are safely added into the routines as the group progresses.

Equipment Classes - Up to 6 people will perform East Coast Pilates exercises on the Pilates equipment. This fantastic workout is designed to lengthen & strengthen muscles without adding bulk. The Reformer uses pulleys and springs which is an added benefit to strengthening abdominal, back, hips, buttocks and knees with emphasis on alignment. The Cadillac provides a different level of strengthening, while stessing alignment and flexibility. Must be free of neck and back pain to participate.

Private Sessions - Up to 3 clients (Single, Duets, Triples) may be instructed in individual Pilates sessions on Equipment and Mat. Instructors will tailor the session sbased on goals and needs. A Pilates program will be customized to the client's needs and all progress will be recorded.